Friday Favorites

We all know about TED talks but I love discovering great ones. My sister Cate showed this to me and I pass it on to others on a regular basis. In the olden days poet Robert Herrick wrote to “make much of time,” but nowadays people need a TED Talk to really get them thinking!


Weekend Highlights

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Not exactly from the weekend but my friends Sher and Sara and I went to Rehoboth Beach last week and had the best day. Days in DC have been getting hotter and it’s so nice to jet away in the morning and spend the day by the shore! We ate ice cream and read and got in the water a bit and just enjoyed walking around town. I love my spontaneous day-trip friends!

Other highlights:


-More weekly sailing adventures! I like the people I’ve met and I love being out on the water. I need to learn more!

-Parents came to town this week and I was able to take them up to the Watergate rooftop to eat the best pizza in town and watch the sunset. It didn’t disappoint.

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We also wandered around being tourists in DC, going in and out of museums and getting authentic DC street food. Felt so loved and supported by them! I’m pretty lucky to have such a family.


Weekend Highlights

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-what a great, friend-filled weekend! This photo is from the rooftop pool at a friend’s place in DC. We spent Sunday afternoon up here, and I can’t wait to go back. What a sunset!


Other highlights:

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-Started things off Friday night at one of my favorite parks, Graveley Point, to picnic and celebrate our friend Becky. Planes take off and land right over this strip of land by the Potomac and it’s always a great sunset spot! Good cake, lots of laughs and toasts for Becky, and plenty of champagne made this the perfect night.

IMG_1121-I’ve started sailing about once a week. It’s a blast and it’s my new hobby.


Friday Favorites

Okay so this movie, well, I know people have lots of opinions but I really loved it. And the ¬†music is so so good. I’ve been learning a couple pieces on the piano so have had it on my mind pretty consistently. The piano portion of the theme song is really one of the saddest songs around and it immediately takes my mind to every life I haven’t lived, just like in the movie.

“City of Stars” isn’t as much of a downer, so I’m posting it instead. But they’re both worth hearing.

Weekend Highlights

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This past weekend was “one for the books” as my mom would say. Had so many highlights that made me grateful for living here and for having the people who love me in my life. Makes being far from home easier, for sure.

To start with, here’s a photo from a recent wedding I shot with Erin Tetterton. I loved this day so much.


Other highlights:

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-I went to a sailing class! And it was amazing. Someone told me I’m a natural so I’m gonna keep it up. What a great way to spend the golden hour before sunset.

-Spent Saturday afternoon at a winery near DC with these friends. We decided to turn the day into a birthday celebration for Gaby/engagement celebration for Gaby and Jason. Are they cute or what?


-Sunday afternoon Sher invited me to spend the day out on the Potomac on Al’s boat. We basically spent the entire afternoon through sunset having a dance party to salsa music on the front of the boat. After boating we went to this fish market and got fresh crabs and oysters and had dinner outside by the water under an electric blue sky.

Pretty thankful for days like those.


Friday Favorites

Jonathan Haidt’s friend Greg called him one day after Greg’s wife had left him and taken their two children with her…Haidt wrote:

“And then Greg said something so powerful that I choked up. Referring to the often sad and moving solo that is at the heart of many operas, he said: ‘This is my moment to sing that aria. I don’t want to, I don’t want to have this chance, but it’s here now, and what am I going to do about it? Am I going to rise to the occasion?'”

-Jonathan Haidt, The Hapiness Hypothesis