Friday Favorites

Beef Bourguignon.


I love throwing dinner parties but I think it’s harder to do a successful dinner party in the summer. Summer’s all about grilling out and eating fruit salad, while this recipe is for cooler fall nights with friends. So bookmark this away for your next fall dinner party and prepare to astound your guests with your prowess in the kitchen: Beef Bourguignon from the Barefoot Contessa. It’s so so good!


Weekend Highlights


The weekend was full and memorable. Friday night a group of girls and I went out to the One Republic concert under this ridiculously beautiful Virginia sky. The band is better than I gave them credit for being, with lots of songs about living the fullest life possible. Couldn’t help thinking of people I love who live with hustle and determination and gusto, no matter what.

Other highlights:

-Almost died in the Shenandoah on Saturday! I got separated from my group when we all went tubing, then a huge thunder/lightening/rainstorm plowed through while I was sitting on my little tube in the middle of the river. It was terrifying! But I ended up finding my group in the storm and we all made it safe and sound. That said, I have no desire to go tubing anytime soon.

-Went to a rooftop pool party for a friend’s birthday Sunday, complete with unicorn and flamingo floats and a DJ. It was very DC, I think.

Friday Favorites

I know I usually write about some song I love, or a great book I’m reading, or maybe a TED talk or something, but this week my Friday Favorite is all about my recent favorite party food obsession.

Tostitos Cantina thin chips paired with Tostitos cantina chipotle medium salsa is the perfect snack for any party. And by party I mean also any time you want a little snack. Trust me.

Weekend Highlights

FullSizeRender-16 copy 4

The entire weekend was enlivening for me. Here are highlights:

-Friday night I went to a goodbye party for a friend who is getting married and moving to Richmond. She and her fiancé are adorably in love and it was so good meeting their good friends in the area.

-Saturday I spent the day baking gruyere scalloped potatoes and peach cobbler! Took them to my friend Tucker’s cookout in the most perfect weather and met a bunch of new people. Great party, Tucker!

-yoga every day. I’m doing this thing with my yoga studio where I do 21 yoga classes in 21 days and so far I’m on target (I’m only 8 days in, but still!). It’s hard to do the same thing for 21 days in a row, or even 8 days in a row, so I feel good pushing myself! Reminds me of this TED talk by Matt Cutts called “Try something new for 30 days.”

-on the way home from yoga Sunday I drove by a little square where people were dancing tango. I considered driving past but decided I might as well stop to see what was going on. I’m so glad I did! What a beautiful spot to dance! There was a view of the capitol building in the background and the dancing felt like it was from another era.

Weekend Highlights


FullSizeRender-16 copy.jpg

My sweet friend Rachel visited DC with her family this weekend. We met at the National Zoo (which I’d never been to before!) and then went over to the Natural History Museum.

The highlight for me was definitely getting to the part of the museum where the dinosaur bones are – the kids went absolutely crazy and were so excited, running around pointing and shouting, “Look!!” It was pretty hilarious.

I forget how amazing it is to live in a town with this many well-kept, beautiful galleries and museums and parks all open and free to the public.

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Other highlights:

FullSizeRender-16 copy 3.jpg

-Dressed in all-white, donned a bandanna, and went to a Running with the Bulls party at a local Spanish restaurant on Saturday.